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Education has been in need of a change for a very long time. Many experts have speculated that the education system would be majorly reformed by making use of technology. It was originally thought that the move toward remote learning and a more tech-based approach would take a long time to implement, but this may not be the case now. Has COVID-19 sped up the education transformation process?

People See the Need for Online Learning Now

People now see why online learning opportunities are so imperative. When the world is faced with an issue like the current pandemic, it makes sense to have the infrastructure in place to help kids continue their schooling. As it stands, some kids are able to keep being educated while those in areas that are less tech-friendly are simply not going to school at all. This creates a gap in learning that could have a significant impact in the years to come. 

In many ways, online education and EdTech can be seen as the future of education. Currently, the education system that is being utilized in America is very old-fashioned. There might be aspects of this old way of teaching kids that still work well, but most would agree that it has been in need of updating for years. It’s time for education to catch up to the times so that kids can receive the quality education that they deserve. 

The Need for Internet and Technology

Education transformation is largely going to be about getting internet connections and technology into places where they aren’t as prevalent. There are still rural areas that have inadequate internet services and many poor households simply can’t afford to pay internet service providers on top of their other bills. Many people have discussed the merits of making the internet free for families with children or coming up with other solutions. It will take time to get all the school districts in America to have the necessary technology to be able to fully embrace education transformation. 

However, you can clearly see that COVID-19 has pushed things forward significantly. People who were resistant to sweeping changes in the education sector are now seeing things in a different light. This might not be something that will change within the next year or two, but it will gradually change until Americans can truly be happy with the education system. Things could be sped up in various ways if the COVID-19 pandemic drags on for longer than expected, too.