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Technology is such an important facet of the modern classroom and it’s important for schools to keep up with tech trends. Many schools are utilizing technology to help kids to learn more efficiently and it’s working out great. However, there are also schools that are struggling with technology integration due to not understanding how to deploy it effectively. How should technology integration be evaluated moving forward?

Look at How the Teachers Are Using the Technology

The first thing to do when trying to evaluate technology integration is to look at how teachers are using the technology. What are the teachers doing with the technology that they have been provided with and how is it impacting the students? If you find that teachers aren’t using things properly, then it might be good to look to other districts that are having success with technology. You can use certain models as an example and then attempt to integrate technology into your classrooms in a similar fashion. 

The Content Needs to Align with the Technology

For technological integration to work properly, it’s important to ensure that the content that is being taught aligns with the technology. Consider what the teachers are trying to teach and then ensure that the technology that you’re purchasing works well for teaching those concepts. Buying fancy software or hardware might not be the best move if your teachers can use it to properly convey their lesson plans. Sometimes it’s about finding the right fit and you need to be smart about things. 

Try to Go for Seamless Technology

One of the biggest issues that school districts have is trying to use technology that is difficult to set up and use together. Ideally, you should try to buy technology that will work seamlessly so that everything will just fall into place. Some tech is designed to be user-friendly and it’s simple to get it working on various devices. If you don’t have a skilled IT department, then buying something that is too complex might not be in your school’s best interest. 

Continue to Evaluate

Continuing to evaluate your tech and how it is being used is necessary. Don’t make the mistake of assessing once in the beginning and then not worrying about it moving forward. You want to keep evaluating things to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your tech. It’s also good to pay attention to certain trends so that you can know when to upgrade your tech or when to shift your focus in another direction.