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EdTech has come a long way in the last decade and more school systems are starting to embrace it. Moving forward, you will likely see the majority of school systems in America utilizing EdTech in some fashion. Examine the following important developments in EdTech so that you can understand where things are going. It’ll give you an idea of what the future of education looks like. 

Remote Learning

Of course, remote learning is one of the most important developments in EdTech because it’s necessary. Many experts feel that remote learning could replace traditional classroom environments in the future. At the moment, remote learning options are a very important thing and it’s only going to become more prevalent. The EdTech that powers remote learning experiences is very reliable and you can count on it to keep evolving over time. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has so much potential when it comes to educating students. This could be useful in the K-12 space, but currently, VR is being looked at as a way to teach people important concepts. You might find VR being used to help surgeons practice or to teach other professionals about how to do things safely. It’s very possible that VR could help kids to learn history and other crucial educational topics soon enough. 


Gamification is the concept of turning educational experiences into games. Many EdTech companies create video game experiences for kids that will teach them about various educational topics. Kids can learn about mathematics, history, science, and just about anything else using games. It’s very fun and engaging for kids to be able to learn in this way. 

Internet for All

There is a growing movement to ensure that all students will have access to the internet. Some school districts have talked about ways to try to get free Wi-Fi to all students so that they could use remote learning options and study for important tests. There are even those that think that all students should be given some type of laptop or tablet to assist with education. You could see tech become as common as textbooks in the near future.