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As time marches forward, you’re going to see many new education and technology trends popping up. The world is changing in various ways and it’s imperative to be able to change along with it. Many of the technology trends that are geared toward the education system are trying to solve rising problems. Examine the education and technology trends that you need to be aware of below. 

Increased Prevalence of Laptops and Tablets

Many school districts are already issuing students tablets or laptop computers at young ages. K-12 courses are utilizing technology at higher rates than ever before and this trend isn’t going to stop. Educators see tablets and laptop computers as essential learning tools in modern times. You’re going to see kids become very comfortable with technology like this at young ages due to how often they use it for educational experiences. 

AI in the Classroom 

AI in the classroom is something that you’re going to see become very common in the next several years. Students can use AI-powered apps to learn and it can also give them instant feedback. It’s such a powerful educational tool and some schools are already taking full advantage of it. EdTech companies will continue to utilize AI in unique and exciting ways that will impact classrooms around the globe. 

Blended Learning 

Blended learning is something that will become a regular thing in K-12 courses in many areas. At the moment, blended learning is a concept that is mostly used for college courses. It involves being able to learn online while also having the option to learn in the classroom and being given control over the pace of learning. Many parents will find that a blended learning approach will give them more flexibility and it could allow students to keep up with coursework easier even if they get sick since they’re more in control of how they learn and when they complete things.

Vaping Sensors

Vaping sensors are starting to pop up in schools as an answer to the vaping problem. Many young kids are getting hooked on vaping and this is something that schools want to stop. These sensors can detect when someone is vaping so that faculty members can put a stop to it. It should help to keep kids safe from the harmful effects of vaping.