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In the past, most kids learned by reading about things in textbooks. This was fine decades ago when that was the best type of learning that was available to students. However, in modern times, kids often learn about things by looking up YouTube videos so that they can learn about topics in various ways. It can be more engaging than reading bland text, but will YouTube truly replace textbooks in education?

YouTube Can Be More Engaging Than Textbooks

It’s true that many kids find YouTube videos to be more engaging than textbooks. Textbooks are able to give kids good information, but some kids don’t learn very well by just reading something. In fact, there are children who need to read things over and over again to get the information to stick. However, students who watch YouTube videos about educational topics often remember things at a higher rate. 

This means that utilizing YouTube videos is very sensible when it comes to education. This practice isn’t really new and you might remember having video days at school when you were a kid. The big difference now is that teachers aren’t limited to a small selection of somewhat dull educational videos. There are many appealing educational videos on YouTube that can help kids to understand topics on a deeper level. 

Privacy Concerns

There are some privacy concerns when it comes to using YouTube. Some people might be concerned about data collection and what companies will do with that data. Also, encouraging kids to go to YouTube could cause them to find videos that aren’t educational and that might not be appropriate for them. YouTube videos will be monitored in a classroom setting, but this still could be a concern for some parents if YouTube videos become part of homework assignments. 

Textbooks Still Have a Place

In regards to whether YouTube videos will outright replace textbooks, it might be best to wait and see. Textbooks are still very useful and modern textbooks are being designed to be visually engaging to help students. You’ll also find that some school districts are embracing the concept of digital textbooks due to the prevalence of tablets. Some of these digital textbooks will even include short video experiences, but it depends on the type of digital experience that is being offered.